Sunday 17 September, 19:00 Great or St. Bavo Church
With music by Andriessen and De Klerk.
St. Joris Chamber Choir conducted by Wouter Verhage with Piet Hulsbos – organ

The vespers is an Christian evening prayer service which has survived for centuries. The series of Summer evening music in the Bavo Church continues this tradition of ecumenical services accessible for people of today. Every vesper is its own creation. The choirs and musicians or of a high level and often are professionally schooled. They often come specially from abroad to play and sing in the Bavo Church. These singers and musicians bring their own style and tradition with them. The priests and church ministers come from all sorts of churches in Haarlem. They read a number of Bible texts with prayers and give a blessing. During this Vesper music can be heard by Andriessen and De Klerk, performed by the St. Joris Chamber Choir conducted by Wouter Verhage with Piet Hulsbos – organ.


Entrance free

Location: Great or St.Bavo Church, Grote Markt 22, 2011 RD Haarlem

Een initiatief van:
Andriessen/De Klerk Stichting
Korte Begijnestraat 28
2011 HC Haarlem
023-551 6877

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